Unaclocker Shield This is the english version of the MEEPROMMER site. It will host the same information as the german one and should make this little piece of hardware usable for „non germans“ too 🙂

The idea behind this EEPROM programmer was to have a tool to get data on a 28Cxxx EEPROM for my own 6502 based computer. There are a lot of professional programmers you can buy, but for a lot of money. Using cheap and easy available components should keep the price low.

The 28Cxx series of EEPROMs are 8 bit, parallel memory chips that are electric (re)programmable and also erasable.

There is a thread on the forum covering the development of this programmer.

Current State:

  • working beta version of the firmware
  • Java Test-Client for reading and writing data
  • Hardware prototype
  • an Arduino shield done by UnaClocker


Arduino Firmware EEPROMprogrammer_v1_2
GUI client (java) MEEPROMMER simple JBurn
You need to install the RXTX-Lib separately before you can use the java client. I was not able to integrate the lib into the package yet.
Hardware Prototype_schema
Arduino Shield
Many thanks to UnaClocker for sharing the layout of the shield.

List of articles covering this programmer (mostly german):

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