Project „MOUSE“

(Mario’s Own Uniqe Singleboard Engine)
MOUSE_breadboardThis is the English version of the project-page for MOUSE. The German site can be found here.
Please be aware that this is not a 1:1 translation of the German page, so the content may differ in some points. But I’ll try to keep the information on both pages as close as possible.

This project was an idea of mine about 30 years ago when I wanted to build my own 8bit computer from scratch. It stayed just an idea for years in lack of time, knowledge and proper materials. Until last year when I started thinking about this project again and also started reading post in the forum of the www.6502.org site. There’s a really good primer written by Garth Wilson about the several things needed to build a little computer based on a 6502 processor.

At this time I already had polished my electrical and electronic skills with several Arduino projects, so I felt well prepared for this journey.

MOUSE_PCB_aliveAs said before, MOUSE is a 6502 based 8bit microcomputer. Currently it’s built up from the following components:

  • W65C02 microprocessor
  • AT28C64 EEPROM (8k)
  • 62256 SRAM (32k)
  • MC6850 ACIA for serial connection
  • 74HC139 2-to-4 decoder for simple address decoding
  • 74HC00 quad NAND for glue logic
  • 1.8432 MHz oscillator that feeds PHIin of the 6502 and the clock for the 6850

MOUSE TerminalausgabeFor input/output I use a TTL USB2Serial converter that appears as a serial Interface on my host computer. The 1.8432MHz clock is divided by 64 by the 6850 and gives me a 28.800 baud connection speed for the serial connection.

Current state:

  • evaluating components and getting them to work (done)
  • get a basic address decoding schema (done)
  • getting data to an EEPROM (done) (see MEEPROMMER for more information)
  • get a prototype working on a breadboard (done)
  • booting to a tiny monitor program
  • is programmable from within by using the VTL-2 language (VTL-2 programming language)
  • microchess by Peter Jennings (from teh KIM-1) ported
  • PCB routed and ordered
  • PCB soldered and bugs fixed
  • board is up and running
  • schematics and code available on github

Next steps:

  • add some more I/O capabilities
  • get a keyboard and some VGA output to work with MOUSE
  • get some external storage device to work

There are some blog posts that gives some progress information. They are in German so translation is needed for other languages.

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  1. Do you have the spec drawings for this 6502 computer, I am trying to learn this exact sort of thing and that would be a great project!

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